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SEO or PPC: Which is better?

If you thought SEO and PPC are perhaps natural enemies, you’re plain wrong. Comparing PPC and SEO is just like comparing apples and oranges. At some point in time, businesses will need both, or maybe businesses around you are already using a mix of both for the best results.

But for the sake of explaining the concepts and their differences, let us pit the two against each other and see which one happens to be the right choice in different scenarios:

1. SEO or PPC: Which gives better ROI?

While SEO takes longer to show results, instant results are possible with PPC.

With SEO campaigns, you need to put in consistent efforts over a long span of time to improve the rankings of web pages. But once you have a strong reputation, a sustained ROI is not difficult to achieve.

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If you now compare SEO with PPC, the latter will fetch you instant benefits if you know how to implement successful PPC Campaigns. Keep in mind that the profits will pour in only till the bidding is on.

2. SEO or PPC: Which is better for Conversions?

Although most SEO efforts are done to top search engine results, but there have been times when deciding elements of search engines have not let websites appear on the first page.

SEO or PPC_2

With SEO, content once uploaded cannot be changed often or it will lose authority. With PPC, however, you can create multiple landing pages to test the keywords that result in maximum conversions.

3. SEO or PPC: Which one is better for brand building?

Although both SEO and PPC are essential for building a stronger online presence, we can safely assume that SEO is more important both in the short and long term.

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SEO helps in building a stronger brand through a dedicated social following and by providing a website greater visibility at all times. In comparison to this, PPC lags behind in providing consistent results.

Final Words

Your business will require SEO and PPC both; it all depends on the phase your business website in passing through. Since organic results will only come when the website has been around for some time and marketed well through various SEO techniques, PPC campaigns can be used to  achieve faster results or for more exposure.


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