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With SEO, Your Website Needs These Elements for Improved Conversion Rate

After all the web development, content creation, search engine optimization, search advertising and social media marketing, what matters is whether you achieved a return on the investment made or not. Driving traffic to a website is half the battle won but you cannot ignore the other half – the task of achieving a satisfactory conversion rate.

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Listed below are the most important elements that you should focus on for improved conversion rate:

The Looks – Your Website’s Design and Layout ­ is Very Important

The web design and the layout of the website will make or break the first impression. A pleasing design and layout can go a long way in helping you achieve better conversion rates when an SEO campaign finally begins to result in targeted website traffic.

A poorly designed website also gives the impression of being fake, let alone persuading readers to buy or subscribe.

The Words – The Content on Landing Page should be of the Highest Quality

Before targeting the customers, you should carefully evaluate the landing page content. Is it interesting enough? Is it persuasive?

Do not hesitate to spend twice or even thrice as much if you have to for a remarkable landing page.

The Speed – Page Load Times should be Minimum

A website which is slow or takes forever to load will be soon forgotten by the visitors.

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You have less than 2 to 3 seconds to present something for the user to interact with. Higher page load times not only have an adverse impact on SEO but also reduce the conversion rate.

User Action – The Calls to Action should be smart and Intuitive

Avoid using a standard, one-for-all call to action on all pages of your website.

While your website may have the toll free number and contact form displayed on most of its pages, it is advisable to insert subtle calls to action at different places within the content.

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A designer and copywriter should work together to create intuitive and persuasive calls-to-action for main landing pages on the website.

The Contact Details – Contacting you should be Easy  

The contact details should always be kept simple and straight. Most viewers like simple and straight instructions or will just leave the page in a second.


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