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SEO Benefits of Blogging You Should Not Ignore

Blogging is one of the most important SEO tools that help drive organic traffic to a website. This is why companies, small and big, are investing a good amount of time and money in creating keyword optimized blog posts.

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Your small business website should also have a dedicated blog and the here is a list of reasons why:

Share! What’s Most Important

Every business has a unique message it wants the audience to get and what better way than blogging? Blogging gives you the power to decide what kind of content can strike a chord with the audience. It gives you control over the keywords, links, use of images and graphics, and it lets you manipulate your overall online presence in a constructive manner.

Fit Content into More Search Engine Queries

There are plenty of ‘ifs and buts’ about blogging. What’s most important is – blogging works when your content is practically useful, interesting or engaging. There are many innovative ways to impart information. You can write lists, how-to-do posts or rope in experts for guest post writing. The more helpful the content, the higher search engines will rank your website.

Blogs are bait for links

Backlines are essential for good SEO. Scenarios like ‘few or no backlinks’ translate into poor rankings. If your blog has quality content, many websites and blogs may be willing to link to it, and if quality websites are providing links, search engines will also place your web pages on the top of SERPs.

They Strengthen Social Media Presence

The virality of blogs largely depends upon social media sharing. Organizations nowadays are using blogs as a means to strengthen their bonding with people. It also appears that search engines are validating content that is being shared on social media.

Consistent Blogging Keeps You on Top

Search engines give precedence to blogs that are continually updated. Fresh content, new information, and updates, all aimed at serving the target market help keep the audience engaged. Blogging as an SEO technique is most successful when readers coming back to your blog on a regular basis.

Final Words

Having a blog is a must for good and lasting SEO results but you must not compromise on the quality of content. Everything from the choice of topics and relevance to your offerings to headlines, overall length of the posts, keywords and multi-media will matter in the bigger scheme of things.


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