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Matt Cutts, Google and SEO

Matt Cutts, Google and SEO

Each time there is a mention of Google, SEO, internet marketing techniques, and terms such as spam and safe-search, the conversation almost always leads to Matt Cutts!



A programmer, an SEO veteran, and Google’s current Webspam team head, he has now become the face-and-voice of Google and Internet Marketing worldwide. And with his matchless knowledge of all things Google SEO, the entire SEO community looks up to him for help, guidance, and expert opinion!

Matt Cutts and Google

Matt began to work for Google in the year 2000 as a software engineer. He is currently heading Google’s Webspam team, as well as working on SEO issues with the search quality team.

He chose Search as a career when he was pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina.

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Cutts worked at SafeSearch (Google’s family filter) and the Ads Engineering group before joining the Search Quality group. He is also a co-investor listed on one of Google’s patents associated with search engines and web spam.

Matt Cutts and SEO

Matt is widely recognized for his comprehensive understanding and lessons on how search engines really work, SEO, and all the technicalities that may apply to an SEO campaign.

Based on his years of experience and observations, he has released countless SEO tutorials and videos to help websites owners from around the world secure good ranking for their sites.

Presently, he is one of the most trusted SEO writers internationally who keeps debunking common SEO myths related to a variety of issues from time to time. For every SEO campaigner in the world, experienced or novice, SEO is Matt Cutts and vice versa!

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