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How NOT to Choose an SEO Firm

There is no dearth of SEO professionals, internet marketers and specialists nowadays. But, not all of them have the same amount of commitment, experience and knowledge in the field. Even newcomers in the industry too call themselves internet marketing experts. So, you cannot just latch on to an SEO firm without giving a second thought to some very important factors.

Here is how you should NOT choose an SEO firm:

1. Choosing an SEO Agency with a Top Rank in Your City or State

An SEO agency that appears on top of search results in Google when start looking for internet marketing companies in your area, isn’t necessarily the best.

Your decision shouldn’t entirely be based on this.

2. Selecting companies that make big promises

Do not trust so called ‘experts’ who just love to make big, bogus promises to every client. Take any claims such as ‘we will get you right on the top in no time’ or ‘we know how to manipulate Google Search…’ as red flags.

They hardly know what quality, strategic SEO is, and want to get you off-track as well. Quick-fixes? A big NO!

3. Relying on a company unwilling to share how they will move forward

Your ultimate purpose of hiring SEO experts is an improvement in traffic, ranking, and your overall online presence. However, that doesn’t mean you are not supposed to know how they are going to start and move ahead with your SEO project!

You must ask for a detailed action plan.

If they’ve had a look at your website and business model but still cannot explain how exactly they’ll get results, you can start looking for other options.

4. Choosing Companies that Do not Have a Clear Pricing Policy

While hourly and per-day rates are the most common pricing methods, every company or individual will charge you differently.

So, confirm an SEO firm’s pricing structure beforehand.

Will you be charged depending on the results achieved? Is the price fixed for a given period of time? Is the contract binding on your organization?

5. Firms that Have No Real References and Case Studies to Show

When it comes to scaling up search results fast, only a practiced SEO campaigner can help you get the job done right. Has your SEO service provider accomplished enough SEO projects previously, particularly for clients with the same business models as yours? If yes, how many and where are the case studies for you to have a look at?


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