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What is Gray Hat SEO?

 What is Gray Hat SEO?

When it comes to driving traffic to a website and ensuring good ranking, it is crucial to consider certain important things. Clients who are aware and able to tell good internet marketing tactics from bad ones get the best results!

At our end, we make sure our clients know which techniques in particular we are using for achieving real, lasting results and why.

Despite that it’s tempting, opting for blackhat SEO techniques can have your site plunging down the ranks. We all know this. This is why we always recommend whitehat SEO to every website owner.

But, what about gray hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO Consulting

Gray Hat SEO – The Midway

Gray hat SEO lies in the middle of white hat and black hat SEO. While trying grey hat methods for search engine optimization of a website may be risky, professionals can figure out a way to strike the balance. However, it is important that you are fully sure of what you have to do and how.

Some commonly used gray hat SEO techniques are:

  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate Content
  • Purchasing Old Domains
  • Link Buying
  • Social Media Automation

Using Gray Hat SEO for Your Website

Gray hat link building is a fairly popular SEO technique. Many professionals use this method to increase the online visibility of newly created websites.

They do so by way of the following techniques:

  1. Buying Links: Links that can easily influence page rank. The technique is effective because it’s not that easy to identify paid links when used deftly.
  2. Automated Link Building: Using automated methods helps you have control over spam links. Plus there are many effective tools available for this type of link building.
  3. Landing Page: Creating a landing page along with a couple of variations to optimize conversions.


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