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Getting Visitors to Read Web Content You Created for SEO

What is the point in creating and uploading content, if no one is going to read it? Do you just want more visitors or do you want to generate leads and make actual sales through a website? You know the answer.

Traffic alone is not the goal. You also need visitors to scan through the content so that they can finally be persuaded to follow up on CTAs (Calls-To-Action).

Here’s what you need to do:

1. All Kinds of Online Content Should Include Optimized Formatting

Any piece of online content, be it blogs, articles, landing pages, and other forms, should have a gripping effect on the reader. Or else, he is likely to hit the back/close button and visit another page.

So, you’ve got to make a page look appealing. You could insert images and graphics, write small paragraphs, use sub-headings, bullet points, and similar other format features to make your web pages look attractive. Also, make use of responsive and intuitive themes to set the tone of a website.

2. Create a Responsive and Quick Loading Website

If a website takes ages to load, visitors will leave it without reading through the content, no matter how good it is. And in no ways does this mean that quick loading websites are always a hit with visitors. The success of a website will also depend on its design and whether people like scanning through its contents or not.

Content Created for SEO_13. Do Away With Annoying Elements on the Website

How many times have you left a website because of annoying features?  Some website features can sorely disappoint visitors. Some of these features could include from blaring music, ad pop-ups, walking ads or flash elements.

Content Created for SEO_2

You have to forgo using such features for the benefit of readers, or at least try and find subtle alternatives to them.

4. Always Factor In Mobile and Tablet Users

Not everyone is going to read your content on a laptop or desktop. Even when mobile screens and tablet screens are small, many users are reading content on these devices.

Therefore, every business with a large readership should have a responsive website, one that works well on laptops and phones as well.


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