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Conversion After SEO: How to Add Life to Testimonials on Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) done well for a small business website, you can expect a significant chunk of visitors landing on your website on a daily basis. The next big challenge is to ‘convert’ these visitors into potential leads and then, new customers.

Besides several other techniques used for achieving a higher conversion rate for a small business website, a well designed customer testimonial section can go a long way in increasing the conversion rate.

BUT, most small business owners either put up testimonials that look dull and fabricated or don’t have a customer feedback section at all.

Lively, real and humanized testimonials on your website can augment your SEO campaign and help a great deal in lead generation. Listed below are some useful tips on how to do just that:

Do You Need Long or Short Testimonials?

A simple line of affirmation is sometimes enough to convince a visiting customer. But, on other occasions, you may need to read the full story.

Consider the amount of text that a satisfied customer may be willing to write as a testimonial for the services availed. Will one sentence be enough? Can they write a short story narrating how your staff helped them out?

Consider Adding a Rating Scale

Many customers do not have the patience to read through full contents of different testimonials. They might want to just glance at the rating.

The good way to use SEO Customer Testimonials for maximum conversion rate

A rating scale is a successful addition that offers the customer a general opinion of the product or service on offer.

Do Images Of The Reviewer Add Value?

This is a debatable question.

But as a general rule, if it is possible to get pictures of customers, or better still, before and after pictures of the work delivered, such a testimonial can be more convincing.

Before and After Pictures for a Small Business SEO Website Testimonial Section

Providing the Source of the Testimonials

Some website owners have no qualms in disclosing the name, place-of-residence and other such details of a customer in a testimonial.

It is advisable to check with a customer beforehand for his or her permission.

The name of a homeowner or a business appearing right next to a testimonial makes it look more authentic.

Reward Customers for Writing Testimonials

Make it a point to offer a discount or some other tangible reward to a customer who chooses to write a testimonial for your small business. Testimonials can be directly collected by your crew, posted on local business pages on Google Plus Local or collected via email/phone.

Last but not the least, keep it real!


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