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Common SEO Terms and Definitions

Common SEO Terms and Definitions

Common Terms Definitions SEO Consulting

Not everyone can be an SEO expert. Only people with direct, hands-on experience in internet marketing and SEO strategies can actually deliver lasting results. We know that from experience.

But, you cannot measure or track an ongoing SEO campaign if you are not even aware of the basic terms.

Here, we list out a handful of most important SEO terms and definitions for your perusal.

301 Redirect: It is the best available way to redirect your users from one web page to another.

It is a permanent server redirect and is particularly helpful when we change web addresses of our webpages.

Anchor Text: It is the real text of a link to a webpage. It is kept dark-blue and underlined in most websites. This text helps search engines identify what different destination pages are about. Same anchor text should not be used at all places. The organic approach is to vary it as often as possible.

Adwords: It is the most common method of website advertisement based on a target keyword. It is commonly known as Google’s PPC contextual advertisement program. Such campaigns should be supervised by expert Adwords marketing managers.

Affiliate Marketing: It is a marketing strategy wherein advertisers pay affiliates for driving traffic to their websites.

Authority: It is also known as ‘Link Juice.’ Authority is the level of trust earned by a website for a specific search term. Greater the authority, higher is the search engine’s affinity for a website.

Back Link: It is a link into a webpage from other page(s).

Blog: It is an important segment of a website where people publish content quite regularly. The key is to place unique content including text descriptions, photos, and videos.

Bookmark: It is link to a webpage saved on web browser for later reference.

Content: This section of a webpage has maximum value for web users. It can be anything from text and graphics to pictures and videos. On the Internet, ‘Content is King.’

Conversion: It is accomplishment of any of the set goals on a website, be it a sale or just clicks or signups.

Conversation Rate: This is the amount of web users who actually convert. Ultimately, it’s the ‘conversion rate’ which determines whether there is a real ROI on the money spent on SEO or not.

Gateway Page: It is a doorway page designed to direct traffic to other pages after driving it from search engines.



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