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Blogging – How Important Are the Headlines in SEO? 

There are billions of pages on the web; the World Wide Web is huge. Even if you narrow down the focus on a city or a state where your company operates, the number of relevant (less or more) pages would still be very high.

Put simply, in this crowded marketplace, making heads turn isn’t easy.

Importance of Headlines in SEO 1

Among various other guidelines that you should be following, a blog headline or title sure is one of the most important content components that shouldn’t be ignored in any case.

When you are blogging for SEO, make it a point to employ an expert copywriter for creating and optimizing headlines that are suitable for –

  • Human readers
  • Search engine algorithms

Why are Blog Headlines So Important in SEO?

A big majority of readers who skim through your blog consider headlines when they decide whether to read something or not.

Importance of Headlines in SEO 2

No matter how well-written a blog post really is, hardly anyone will click on it unless the headline appeals to your website visitors.

Your bounce rate can be significantly lower if the headlines are created correctly.

Good Headlines Draw Readers’ Attention

On an average, people who read the entire article body on a website are encouraged to read-till-the-end by engaging headlines.

Importance of Headlines in SEO 3

It happens when readers find the title and sub-headings tempting.

Rank High in Search Engine Results Pages

Every time Google is hit with a search query, millions of results show up in fractions of seconds. Interestingly, not all of them are good enough for readers to click on.

  • Articles that have neat and crisp titles with the most relevant keywords are more likely to appear on the top
  • Web pages with interesting headlines (among all those appearing on the 1st page) are more likely to be clicked upon

Our Recommendation

We know from experience that creating titles and sub-titles is nothing short of an art. Only an expert copywriter can do it right.

Done well, it can help improve your website’s click through rate, reduce the overall bounce rate and most importantly, increase your chances of achieving higher conversion rate by persuading people to read till the end.

Optimize headlines for target keywords but do not, under any circumstance, sacrifice readability when you are blogging for SEO.


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