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Better SEO with WordPress

Better SEO with WordPress

WordPress SEO Consulting

With people and businesses alike taking to the internet to spread word about their ideas and products, the need to market that content well with the use of good SEO (search engine optimization) has become just as important as the original generation of such content.

Put simply, content delivery is just as important as content creation.

While SEO is largely down to the direct content being generated, how it is delivered on the web has a bearing on the results too.

More often than not, and more effectively than you may think, the choice of platform used to develop a website can affect the outcome of an internet marketing campaign.

But, what is a Platform?

It’s the core engine of a website – a web application or software which can be configured to develop a new website with great ease. You do not have to pay for developing a new website from scratch anymore. There are many options to choose from but WordPress is an obvious choice today.

What is WordPress?

It’s THE most popular content management system (web application for building websites) on the planet. Every 5th website on the whole wide Internet is on WordPress. It’s easy to configure. It’s free. And in the context of internet marketing – it’s very SEO friendly.

WordPress is Easy

The very design of the WordPress CMS has been built around the need to improve the visibility of your content. It is therefore incredibly easy to post, or structure your content whether it is with keywords or links, and prepare structured pieces. That’s precisely what an SEO professional needs.

You Can Customize the URL Structure i.e. Permalinks

Customizable permalinks mean you can embed keywords into your content and make good use the facility to infuse keywords into URLs. And the good part – you don’t have to be a techie to do that.

It’s an Open Source CMS; It’s FREE

You can download it for free. You can use any of the free or paid themes (there are dime a dozen), desktop based or responsive templates, and get started within days or weeks at most. If you need to alter header or footer for SEO, editing the code is easy.

Built-in RSS

Built-in RSS (Real Simple Syndication) means that each time you post something – it goes into a general feed directory. This directory publishes links that come back to your page. Therefore, there are considerable options for enhanced visibility built-in.

Clean codes

The basic WordPress themes are cleanly coded, and to use modified themes, it is always best to go for premium themes that Google refrains from penalizing in case of hysterics with misdirecting or dead-end links.

WordPress Plugins

There are hundreds of free and premium (which don’t cost much) plugins (extensions for the CMS) available. For example, if you want a plugin for 301 redirects, you will find one for free. Similarly, you will find numerous plugins for handling URLs, landing pages, meta tags, excerpts, etc.



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