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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be the number one priority on your marketing plan for your business in Warrenville, IL. today. The internet penetration rate in

the United States in 2014 was reported to be 86.75% [increased by 7% in one year]. In other words, 8 out of 10 (and more) Americans are now connected to the web. No

wonder just about every small, midsized or large scale business organization in Warrenville is now keen to have a healthy online presence.

BUT, is the small business community in Warrenville really interested in digital marketing too? Should they be switching to online marketing now?

Yes, it’s about time they do. Sooner, the better!

Traditional (offline) yellow-pages, phone books and advertisements in local radio channels will soon be out of fashion completely. Online Marketing such as SEO, SEM,

and IM have taken over the marketing industry.

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Ask Yourself the Right Questions to Get the Right Answers

As many as 66% of small businesses are now spending on SEO / digital marketing! Is your small business in Warrenville missing out on any online opportunities?

  • SEO is the Answer – More than two third of the Internet users never go past the 1st page of SERPs (Search Engine ResultsPages). If your business website does not appear on the 1st page for local search queries, do you think you stand any chance of getting new customersonline?
  • Nearly 50% of all local searched are performed on various mobile devices. Do you have a responsive website? What about local SEO?
  • As many as 3 out of 5 smartphones in total are using smartphones for local searches. Does your small business target a small geography such as a county,city or a town? Digital marketing is important for Local SEO.
  • About half of the smartphone users in the United States search at least once on their smart phones. You can well imagine they may also be searching for theproducts or services you provide as you read this post.
  • Businesses having active blogs have 4 times as many indexed pages. Any business with more indexed pages is more likely to receive more leads. IT services,cleaning services, handyman services, food business or anything else – it’s applicable to all.

Time to Embrace Digital Marketing is NOW

A solid online presence, achieved through systematic digital marketing campaigns, is not just necessary for those who sell products and services directly but brick and-mortar businesses too.

Consider this purchase funnel, for instance.

Warrenville SEO services


Right from the initial ‘awareness’ phase to the final decision of making a purchase, your small business website’s online visibility can play a vital role in the entire purchase funnel.

  • SEM (SEO+PPC) can help during the ‘Awareness’ – appear in search results i.e. get found
  • SEM can also help during the ‘Consideration,’ ‘Interest’ and ‘Preference’ phases – online reviews, positive mentions and repeat occurrences on theInternet
  • Well thought out landing pages can help in achieving higher conversion rate i.e. aid in completing the ‘Purchase’ phase
  • Social Media presence can help during all of these phases

How can you find the Best Warrenville SEO Company?

There are countless SEO companies servicing Warrenville small businesses.  The offer a complicated list of SEO services ranging from LOCAL SEO to national SEO marketing plans.  How do you know that you are hiring the best SEO company for your small business?  Here are some questions to ask and things to look out for.

  • Pay key attention to the SEO Strategy from planning to execution.  A successful online marketing campaign has the right strategy from theinitial phase.  It is vital that you understand the timeline and what to expect after each phase.
  • What plan is put in place for on page SEO by the marketing agency? One of the biggest mistakes made by cheap SEO companies is that littleto no work is done for the onpage aspect of the website.  This is a first sign a unsuccessful SEO campaign.
  • What is their offpage SEO plan? Remember online marketing is a long term investment and it takes time.  Taking shortcuts and having lowquality websites link to your website has negative impact on your Search Engine Optimization efforts.  It’s all about quality and not quantity. Your off page marketingefforts must be ethical and natural.
  • What kind of Content Development / Marketing plan? Content development and marketing is one of the most important factors in an onlinemarketing campaign.  If your SEO firm is not helping you develop engaging content, it is a big mistake.
  •  What is their plan to update your SEO blog and how often? A blog is one of the most important factors for your website in the eyes of asearch engine.  It shows Google and other search engines that you provide fresh content that their users will value.  A blog is a must for any website!
  • Ask their  “SEO experts” or “SEO Consultants” to show recent results. Search Engines are constantly making changes to their algorithmsthat has a direct impact on where your website shows up in search results.  It is important that the SEO agency is able to demonstrate great results from the past andrecent work.
  • Ask for details of their local SEO services. Local is an easier way to get on top of the search results and be found.  Ask what kind oflocal services the agency will provide to help you reach the local customers in your targeted area.
  • How long have they been providing professional SEO services? Experience is important but results are everything.  Just because a companyhas been providing professional search engine optimization services for x number of years doesn’t mean they are the best.  Ask for documented results.
  • Beware of cheap SEO, ask for references of clients on cheap plans that can back their claims.  Online Marketing takes time, cheap isdefinitely affordable but typically does not produce desired results promised to  the client.  Ask for references of happy clients on the inexpensive plans only.
  • Is the SEO work done in house or outsourced?  Many firms are resellers are outsourcing SEO work to other companies.  This can be a problemif not executed with perfection.
  • Understand what you are buying – SEO Packages and pricing – It is easy to get lost and confused with the tech talk.  If you don’tunderstand something, simply ask.  You are spending your hard earned money and it’s important you understand what work will be performed for you.

Online Marketing is the present and future

It’s the age of the Internet. There’s no doubt about it. Marketers at many organizations, now investing in Search Engine Optimization, Search Advertising and Social Media Marketing, cannot ignore the ongoing wave of transformation.

The stakes are too high for just about any business to ignore.

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